Massage Therapy in Evergreen

Expect to Feel Amazing after your massage!

Every massage is custom tailored to your body's needs. We are trained to provide you professional relief of muscle related stress, spasms, chronic pa
ins in your neck, shoulders, low back, knees, feet, carpel tunnel plantar fascitits, and more.

Evergreen Massage TherapyDeep Tissue Massage            A custom tailored therapeutic massage session that includes deep specific pressure focusing on muscles where chronic pain, hypertension and/or muscle soreness originate. This extremely therapeutic body work massage uses myo-fascial release, trigger point, Japanese Restorative and other specialized massage techniques depending upon the needs of your muscles.

Sports Massage 
For those who push their body to the limit, we combine traditional massage therapy with body work massage, stretching, compression and cross-fiber friction techniques to focus on muscles relevant to specific athletic activities. This invigorating therapeutic massage is desEvergreen Massage Therapyigned to aid in recovery from training and prevent sports injury. 

Swedish Massage  This relaxation massage therapy is based on the traditional Swedish style. This treatment involves broad, flowing strokes using light to medium pressure to soothe and relieve muscle tension. Perfect for overall stress reduction and increase feelings of well being.

Muscle Release Technique  Release chronic pain forever with this special combination of massage and stretching. With an open mind and proper understanding of how chronic pain is caused, you can effectively treat:  Carpel Tunnel, Plantar Fasciitis, Arthritis, Low Back Pain, Frozen Shoulder and more. If you have any of these chronic conditions, be sure to ask how we can help relieve your pain during the consultation part of your massage.

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